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Man Alive Band
The Man Alive Band was formed in 2013 by Mark Davis who is the Bass player in the band.
Both Mark and Kurt ( the guitarist ) have played in many bands together over the last 17 years.
They are most known for their band 'Ginhowse'.

Mark was playing in a SKA band. This is were he met Steve AKA Rockstar (the drummer)
They both decided to team up with Kurt, In turn they formed the Man Alive Band.

As you can see from the Gigs list, We are a  busy band.  
Due to constant bookings we do not set aside rehearsal time.
We take the opportunity at every gig to improve and build on our sound.

The fun of not rehearsing, like some bands do to death. Means you are unlikely to hear Man alive play and sing the same song, in exactly the same way, twice.

We improvise songs so they have our own personal Man Alive stamp on them.

All three members are well experianced and use there own style, flavour and experiances to create the unique sound of Man Alive
If you would like to book Man Alive Band
call Kurt  Mark Steve 

07710 038123
07425 135891

07868 417093